Jump to Power Personalization and Recommendations for Accedo One

Jump to Power Personalization and Recommendations for Accedo One:

Jump Data Driven, the pioneers behind the world’s most advanced actionable business data platform for digital media services, announces that the  Accedo One™ cloud platform will use JUMP’s data-driven technology as the engine behind high-quality recommendations delivered via the Accedo One Marketplace.

JUMP Deep Recommender® will be offered as a default integration on the Accedo One platform. This personalization tool tracks and analyzes content consumption patterns and content similarities in order to provide highly accurate video content recommendations to audiences of digital media services.

Accedo One is a powerful SaaS solution that enables global companies to deliver impactful video experiences across multiple devices. The platform provides broadcasters, content owners, and brands with the freedom to build, launch, and scale high-quality video streaming services and offers them an opportunity to manage the complexity of their business in one place.

Together, we will empower businesses to wow their audiences by personalizing the journey through their service. Digital media providers will be able to recommend exactly what the users really want to watch at any time. We think offering the best user experience is they key factor in engaging and retaining your audience and increasing your business revenues.” Says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO at Jump.

Fredrik Andersson, SVP Products, Accedo, commented: “When we developed the new Accedo One, it was with the aim of helping our customers deliver engaging video experiences, scale fast, and ultimately grow their video business. Data-driven technology is a significant part of creating compelling user experiences across devices and we are excited to be working with JUMP on integrating their Deep Recommender® tool into our platform.”


About JUMP Data-Driven Video:

JUMP is an advanced business analytics solution that uses data to help video service providers gain valuable insights about their audience and content performance, to predict churn to retain users, to identify the clusters that video users belong to, and to personalize the video experience. Jump is built on the foundations of cutting-edge big data and artificial intelligence technology customized for the video industry.

Our vision is that data and its effective use will be the new competitive advantage in the next phase of the video industry. Currently only big players like Netflix, Amazon, and Google are making the most of big data and AI. We provide our video service customers the cutting-edge data technologies they need to compete on equal footing — to retain their customers and increase their revenues.


About Accedo

Accedo provides a range of solutions and services to deliver compelling video experiences across multiple platforms and devices. Its customers include many of the world’s leading video service providers. The Accedo One™ cloud platform provides operators, broadcasters and brands with the freedom to build, manage and deploy high-quality, engaging video experiences the way they want to. The Accedo professional service team is able to design and build custom video experiences for any type of video service provider.



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