JUMP Personalizer

One Audience, Countless Unique Experiences

Bring the power of AI to your video service and personalize your users’ journey

Introducing JUMP Personalizer -

“AI-Driven Personalization Spanning All Platforms, Device Types, Languages, and Content Genres. Whether you’re a streaming service, broadcaster, or PAY TV Operator, we’re your solution for enhanced engagement and user delight.”


Better Conversion Rate


Search Time Reduction


Marketing Roi


Viewing Time

Product line


UX Editorialization


Personalized Marketing

A/B Testing

Search & Discovery

Metadata Enrichment


Individualized and Contextual Recommendations

Our Recommendations Adapt to each user’s Behavior, Device, and Timing. With Jump Personalizer, you gain access to a versatile array of AI recommendation endpoints, putting you in control. Enhance your user experience, boost engagement, and delight your audience to new heights

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Empower Your Content and Editorial Team

Jump Personalizer isn’t just another recommendation engine – it’s your team’s key to unlocking powerful AI capabilities and taking control of the user experience, carousel composition, and content structure. It’s the perfect CMS for your editorial team to play around.


Get relevant Insights on the displayed content and personalization approaches

Meticulous measurement stands as the cornerstone of a streaming company’s journey, bridging the gap between user expectations and content delivery, while continuously refining their recommendation engine to keep viewers engaged and delighted.


Empower your marketing members with the right tool for increased impact

Take your personalization journey to new heights by extending it across all your business communication channels. Dive into the world of personalized emails that establish meaningful connections with your audience, utilize push notifications as a dynamic tool for real-time engagement, and implement precision-crafted promotions to not only enhance user experiences but also unlock upselling potential.


Access unified insights regarding personalized campaigns conducted within diverse CRMs

Picture executing personalized campaigns across your entire communication spectrum and effortlessly monitoring their performance metrics within a unified platform. Thanks to the synergy between Jump Personalizer and the Jump Insights module, this vision can become a reality, enabling enhanced efficiency and eliminating the need for time-consuming data gathering and unification.


Simplify Content
Discovery through AI

Our AI-driven search tool transforms the way you find and enjoy entertainment. With a simple keystroke, you can now effortlessly search for your favorite content, and that’s just the beginning. Our AI understands your preferences and viewing habits, providing not only accurate search results but also intelligent contextual recommendations based on your unique behavior. Whether you’re seeking a specific title or exploring new horizons, our AI-powered search ensures a seamless and personalized content discovery experience. Say goodbye to search frustrations and hello to a smarter way to find and enjoy content with ease.


Metadata enrichment and Content Catalogue Management

Ever pondered why recommendation engines don’t always meet expectations? The answer often lies in insufficient content metadata. Our mission at Jump Personalizer is to ensure you maximize the benefits of our platform. That’s why we step in to assist you in enhancing and continually updating your complete content catalog’s metadata, guaranteeing that your content recommendations remain consistently relevant.

Why Choose Us

Seamless API integration, easily replicable across multiple platforms and devices, ensuring a swift go-to-market approach.

Cost-effective solutions;

Our partnerships effectively reduce deployment costs.

Flexibility to recommend at the user, segment, editorial, or in-house content promotion level.

Universally applicable to any language, content type and business model.

We merge technology and expertise to amplify your business.