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Introducing JUMP Insights -

The ultimate video analytics platform that empowers your video service with real-time insights and data-driven decision-making. With JUMP Insights, you can gain a complete understanding of your video streaming performance and take action to improve it.


Increase in Subscribers


Increase in Monetization


Improvement in Engagement


Decrease in Churn

Business Snapshot

With our Business Snapshot feature, you’ll have a clear overview of your subscribers, revenue, engagement, content ranking, and more, so you can make informed decisions for fast growth.


The Acquisition feature provides insights into new and total subscribers, subscriptions, and package migration patterns, allowing you to understand how your subscribers interact with your value proposition.


The Monetization feature gives you a comprehensive view of your service revenues (recurrent,  transactional, and advertisement), ARPU, and subscriber lifetime value, helping you maximize your revenue.


Our Engagement feature gives you a deep dive into your users’ behavior and engagement patterns, with subscriber clustering insights to target your audience effectively.


The Retention feature provides valuable insights into cancellations and churn rate, so you can address the reasons behind them.


Our Content Performance feature provides a detailed analysis of your content consumption and performance, including content type, device usage, and ranking, so you can understand how your content resonates with your audience.

FAST Audience

The FAST Audience Measurement provides valuable insights into your channel’s performance, including share, reach, and AMA, among others, allowing you to understand your audience and programming performance.


The Ads Performance Metrics provides a complete understanding of your ad impressions revenues, click-through rate, and more, allowing you to optimize your advertising efforts.

UX Performance

The User Experience Performance provides a detailed analysis of your user experience, including relevant journeys (e.g.first-playback or sign-up) and navigation analyses, so you can improve your user experience.


The Personalization Performance feature provides insights into personalization reach and content consumption uplift, so you can understand the impact of your personalization efforts.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Performance feature provides a complete understanding of your marketing efforts, including performance metrics for the awareness, consideration, conversion, engagement, and upselling phases.

Quality of Experiece

QoE is an analytics tool to improve the viewers quality of experience to better retain and engage them. Creating unique experiences and taking care of the users’ journey is essential to increase their consumption. But, to engage and retain the current audience, the quality of the video streaming experience is key.

Data Unification and integration are made easy thanks to our long-term expertise existing partners.

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