JUMP releases new version of its cloud intelligence platform ahead of the needs of new generation OTT and Pay TV services

Technology moves forward in giant steps. And that’s especially true when it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning, and why Jump Data-Driven Intelligence, the pioneers behind the most advanced cloud intelligence platform to turn your data into the knowledge digital services needs to optimize their business, is rolling out a new release of its platform, JUMP V4.00, with new and improved functionalities that stem from the close collaboration with our global and local customers and reflect their vision of the future of media and entertainment industry.

The main new features are, among others:

JUMP Insights

AVOD services business performance
Linear TV and Live TV measurement
Self service analytics – “Create your own KPIs”
Deeper segmentation – “Create your own segments”
New powerful UI for KPIs visualization
and many more
JUMP Predictions

Churn model by tenure
Churn model by specific show
Selection of automatic churn predictors
New visualizations for churn management
Smart clustering/automatic generation of audience communities
and many more
JUMP Personalizer

Personalization API for Game In-app purchases
New rules to improve personalization performance (short term/long term recommendations, completion rate, languages, ratings and favourites)
Analytics of the performance of the recommendation strategy
“I believe there is a tremendous demand from all types of video services to embrace data as a key business asset. Transforming a video service into a data-driven entertainment experience is a journey that all successful media companies will go through,” says Jerónimo Macanás CEO & Cofounder at JUMP. “Video market predictions are now higher than any previous expectations, and will reach 850 Bn$ by 2027, so there is a tremendous opportunity to enable new entertainment experiences by combining the uniqueness of video and making data the connector between video and the audience. I’m sure innovation in this area will very soon surpass what is possible today and we want to be part of this disruption.”

On January 26th, 27th and 28th 2021, Jump’s experienced team will offer live demo sessions to present the new features of what is already the go-to advanced analytics platform for companies such as Vodafone, NBCU, Globo, ZDF, M7 (by Canal +), PureFlix (BY SONY), Claro TV (by America movil) GSN (by SONY), and many others.


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About Jump

Jump joined the entertainment industry with the explicit mission to champion business optimization, using big data and artificial intelligence technologies to ramp up digital services businesses’ ROI.

We embraced the vision that business data – and its effective use – would be the key differentiator for successful players in the consumer digital services industry. As the industry has evolved, our vision has proven to stand true.

Jump has democratized the underlying big data and AI technologies that put your data to work for you. Our cost-effective business cloud data platform designed specifically for consumer digital  services players optimizes customer retention, personalization, engagement, and marketing effectiveness: everything you need to jump to the next level!


Press Contact for Jump:

Silvia Werd – Marketing Director

[email protected]



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