JUMP Announces its Product Suite Joining the Brightcove Marketplace

Madrid, Spain, April 12, 2022— JUMP Data-Driven Video —the pioneer behind the One-Stop-Shop data platform for all your video service data needs— announces it is joining the Brightcove Marketplace.

JUMP’s data products —JUMP Insights, JUMP Personalizer, JUMP Lakehouse, JUMP QoE, JUMP User DNA & JUMP Retention— are now available in the Brightcove Marketplace, helping customers enhance their experience. 

  • JUMP Lakehouse: The unified repository ingests, cleans, stores, and processes all the video service data. 
  • JUMP Insights: The unified data dashboard based on predictive analytics, AI, and ML technologies to increase user conversion, retention, and engagement. It makes it possible to understand the overall video platform performance, identify opportunities and threats, reach targeted consumers, and track the performance of marketing campaigns.
  • JUMP Personalizer: This tool allows video services to ultra-personalize their users’ experience based on their consumption habits (through ML and AI technologies) to increase user consumption and engagement. 
  • JUMP Retention: A tool to prevent churn by leveraging AI models to predict why customers might be at risk of leaving the video platform, leading to a better retention strategy. 
  • JUMP User DNA: A customer-centric data solution that aggregates all the information around each user to create ultra-targeted marketing campaigns. Thus, these campaigns have a 360-degree understanding of the user’s behavior, preferences, demographics, recommendations, level of engagement, and churn risk.
  • JUMP QoE: The analytics tool improves the viewer’s quality of experience to better retain and engage them. It monitors five critical areas of video services such as playback experience, video startup time, smoothness, video quality, and errors in real-time.

“Organizations need to wow their audiences with video by implementing a set of data-driven strategies for getting insights about their audience behavior, personalizing the journey through their video service, managing churn, and improving the quality of experience. The ultimate benefit will be an increase in their revenues and customer lifetime value,” says Jerónimo Macanás, CEO at JUMP Data-Driven Video.

“We are excited to welcome JUMP Data-Driven Video into the Brightcove Marketplace. JUMP’s extensive experience in the video industry and data analytics make it a great integration partner for Brightcove. The Brightcove Marketplace is the premiere place to discover integrations that extend the capabilities and the value of the Brightcove video communications platform,” added Rajan Shah, VP, Technology Partners & Integrations at Brightcove. 

About JUMP

JUMP Data-Driven Video is the one-stop shop for your video service data needs. Its platform —powered by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning provides advanced insights and personalization to increase audience acquisition, retention, engagement, and marketing effectiveness.  

Visit us at web-stg.jumptvs.com to learn more, or contact us at [email protected].

About Brightcove 

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